Franchise Development Support Services
FIGCD understands the challenges of expanding your franchise business. Our franchisee development program helps local and National brand operators expand their territories and achieve a faster market penetration. Our program is simple. We purchase the land and lease it to your company, at mutually beneficial terms. Our program helps you strategically expand your brand and reach your growth targets while reducing upfront capital expenditures.
The process is simple.

  • Franchisee locates a “for sale” parcel of land for a desired site in his or her location of choice .
  • FIGCD executes a “NDA”non-disclosure agreement, To protect your privacy and location from all competitors.
  • FIGCD will negotiate the purchase of land for the exclusive development of your brand. At the same time we will draft a proposal to lease this location In accordance with your desired structure. Whether it be ground lease or build to suit, our team will work closely with you to achieve your expansion goals.
  • After the successful negotations of the “PSA” to purchase the land. A 25% refundable deposit based on your annual base rent will secure your deal and start the due dilligance and design phase for your concept. * Any conceptual designs or test fits will be quoted under a seprate design services agreement.
  • Our experienced development team of architects, engineers and project managers will be at your disposal to help navigate the entire development phase from start to finish.